Bonnie Rotten Bio

Bonnie Rotten has taken the porn industry by storm even when no one thought that she would. There had been concerns that her tattoos would hold her back, but the inked vixen surprised everyone, including herself, when her popularity exploded. She is now one of the biggest names in the business and took home the highly coveted AVN Performer of the Year Award for 2014.

Bonnie was born May 9, 1993 in Cincinnati, OH. She didn’t fit in with her peers and found herself too wild for the religious undertones of the area. Boredom with her surroundings led to her becoming a promiscuous party girl who loved to drink and have lots of no-strings-attached sex. She was never into drugs, but did form an addiction to getting off.

After getting her first tattoo (a Living Dead Zombie on her stomach), Bonnie found herself wanting another, and then another after that. At the time of this writing, she has over 30 inked onto her body. Of them all, the one she has that means the most is a tribute to her great grandmother. Although Bonnie loved her artwork, she learned that it really limited her career options. Not many people want to hire someone with that look. She started exploring her options and after doing some car and motorcycle modeling as well as dancing, she decided to look into the adult industry. She took her time learning about it all and making contacts and then took the leap of faith by leaving the Midwest and making Los Angeles her home. Had she not taken that risk, she says she would probably be working as an entry level Ducati technician because nobody judges you when you’re fixing a motorcycle.

Even her agent had doubts about how much work she would get at first. Companies worried that the tattoo niche just wasn’t strong enough to sustain a girl like her, but Bonnie persevered. She refused to be seen solely as an alt girl and let her performances speak for themselves. Fans noticed and a hunger for her formed. Even viewers who normally weren’t into tattoos found themselves falling for Bonnie. She is a well-spoken, genuinely sexual girl with a pretty face and rocking body who knows how to go down and get it hard. She has her limits, but you’d never guess it by watching the wondrous things that she does. Of course the porn world accepted her. They went absolutely crazy for her, and suddenly, she was working all of the time and taking home numerous big awards. She is riding a wave of success that other girls will never achieve.

Bonnie has been in over one hundred films since entering the industry in 2012, at the age of 19. She believes in quality over quantity and prefers to work with a smaller group of performers whom she has chemistry with. She likes to be extra naughty in her scenes and needs to know that her co-stars are cool with that. Her orgasms are authentic and her squirting is epic. She has a special love for anal sex and actually requested her first gang bang scene instead of waiting for a company to ask.

Bonnie is keeping extremely busy these days. She is constantly traveling and filming, feature dancing, and communicating with fans. She is working on her own production company and learning the ins and outs of directing. She is cementing her place in porn legend and once you have been introduced to Bonnie Rotten, she will never be forgotten. She is history in the making.

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